White Organic Vermouth

  • White Vermouth is one of the most interesting and typical Italian classy wines. The old spelling of the name was Wermouth or Wermuth. The origin of the name is uncertain; perhaps, it comes from the German word Wermuth "wormwood" (Arthemisiaabsinthium). It became famous in Piedmont, thanks to Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who first manufactured it in 1786 and sold it in his shop in the centre of Turin. Another famous shop was the one owned by the Rovero family, which could boast among its clients King Carlo Alberto. By the end of the 19th century, vermouth was regularly exported to South America, United States and throughout Europe.
  • Aroma & Tasting: A wine that gives emotions, full of flavours. Among the herbs and spices, sagebrush and citrus are the protagonists that, together with cinchona, give it a balanced bitter finish.
  • Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif or digestif. Vermouth is a great product to be consumed cold: it can be served neat or with some added water, which turns it into an excellent refreshing beverage. Many cocktails use vermouth as their base. Vermouth can also be used as an ingredient in many recipes, such as fish and seafood, or to flavour, marinate and simmer meat dishes (roasts, kebabs, and rolls). Vermouth is often used to flavour cakes, pies and pastries, too.
  • Region: Piedmont

    Producere: Fratelli Rovero

    Ingredients: White wine, sugar, alcohol, extracts of herbs and spices.

    Bottle size: 750 ml

    Alcohol content: 16%

  • The history of Azienda Fratelli Rovero starts at the end of the nineteenth century. The last two generations continued the family tradition expanding the company and using farming techniques that guarantee safe and natural products. The organic farming has been extended to the whole production over the years, representing now the company’s strong point as an example for many farmers.