Spicy Nduja Spilinga in Jar 185g

San Vincenzo

'NDUJA is the well-known Calabrian spreadable salami that has conquered the world. It is a homogeneous mixture of pork, refined fats and lots of chillies that San Vincenzo selects with extreme care, guaranteeing the highest quality of all the ingredients and strictly regional origin. The 'Nduja di San Vincenzo faithfully respects the oldest recipe of the Calabrian tradition to offer a truly unique product for a fantastic dressing or tasty appetizers and appetizers.

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  • Weight: 365g
  • Region: Calabria
  • Ingredients: Pork, chilli (including hot Calabrian chilli 6.4%), sunflower oil, salt. Naturally smoked product.
  • Storage temperature: < 8° C
  • Storage: in the fridge
  • Shelf-life: 30 months from the production date

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Every day the tables of Calabria are set for a feast. Savouring the typical Calabrian cuisine becomes a real journey in the millennial gastronomic culture of the region, rich in flavours and aromas that reflect the variety and abundance of local products. Every village retains its traditions at the table and offers dishes worthy of being enjoyed by the most delicate palates: hand-made pasta; delicious sausages prepared according to ancient recipes that are jealously safeguarded; the traditions of preserved fruits and vegetables are handed down from one generation to another, in remembrance of a past, when prepared food in the summer to be consumed during the wintertime.


San Vincenzo

We are going to take you to the origin of taste, on a trip towards our flavours. Our origins can be traced back to the sila altiplan, calabria, italy.That’s where they are rooted, in a territory full of tradition which gifts us with some outstanding and unique cured meats, whose quality has been preserved intact through more than a few generations. Our land, so rich in both in history and culture, has a priceless value, and we of salumificio san vincenzo want to represent the tasty union between the past and the future. Our research aims towards the autenthiciy of our land, protecting and valueing some truly unique tasting cure meats, born from a mix of history, terrioty and culture. We will take you on this trip through our origins, to the core of our flavours.