Pecorino with Truffle 600g

  • A very special and glamourous cheese produced with sheep's milk and an addition of truffle. On the white thin rind you can see the truffle pieces that you can also find in the well balanced interior. The intensive taste of truffle is magical. The taste is plesant, full-bodied, spicy and elegant.

    Great when served as a table cheese with some crunchy bread and Italian red wine.

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: Caseificio Maremma

    Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's MILK, Volterra salt, truffle 0,40%, rennet, dairy cultures.

    Packaging: 600g

    Storage conditions: store at 4°C

    Shelf-life: 90 days from the date of production 

    The weight of products as indicated on the label may slightly vary from the real weight of the delivery due to the small-scale artisanal production.

  • Caseificio Maremma is a dairy farm located in Maremma area of Tuscany, near the Tyrrenian sea, in a land rich in perfumes and flavors. Since early 1960s the dairy farm produces typical cheeses renowned all over the world. The job philosophy is imprinted on a happy alchemy between a stainless culture and passion for this field and an accurate and concrete approach to the market.

Gluten free Nut free