Grappa Classica Oro

Distilleria Francesco

The Grappa Classica Oro by Distilleria Francesco comes left to mature for 12 months in small barrels of fine French oak: this is how it takes on the bewitching golden hue. Full and full-bodied, gives a sip of great pleasure. Among the hills surrounding the lakes of Santa Massenza and Toblino, in an oasis of peace where the time seems to have stopped, we find the farm and the distillery of Francesco e Alessandro Poli.

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  • Type: Grappa
  • Grapes: Fresh and selected pomace from Trentino.
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Region: Trentino
  • Colors: Amber with gold reflections
  • Taste: Dominant notes of vanilla. On the palate it is soft and of great taste harmony.
  • Aging: In barriques
  • Bottle size: 700 ml
  • Serving temperature: 18° C

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Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino boasts time-honoured country cooking and a rich legacy of flavours found in the territory’s excellent products: its tradition-steeped world has preserved the knowledge, rites and charm of life and culture in the mountains and it showcases them in meals on many different occasions and in tasty food and wine events.


Distilleria Francesco

Located in the heart of Valle dei Laghi, between Trento and Garda lake, Santa Massenza represents a borderline and, just like a border has to be, it unifies and connects two different territories: the southern climate meets the continental one, the Mediterranean vegetation lives together with Alpine species, making this area incredibly unique. In this little village, where wine and distillation traditions are passed down generation after generation, is located the Azienda Agricola and Distilleria of Francesco and Alessandro Poli. Five generations of tradition and customs are preserved and passed down year after year, enriched by new technologies, but always respecting the family heritage.