American Ipa 6x33cl

    • American IPA is an anglo-Saxon beer amber-colored, characterized by a strong fruity and resinous aroma typical of North American hops, used in different stages of the fermentation and dry-hopping.
      Excellent with spicy food.
    • Region: Piedmont

      Brewery: Canediguerra

      Style: American IPA

      Aroma: Fruity and resinous

      Flavor: The high level of bitterness, balanced by the slightly malty body, gives a note of freshness to the palate.

      Alchol content: 6,7%

      Bottle size: 6x33cl

    • A typically Alessandria style group, corroborated by the ten-year experience of the brewer Alessio "Allo" Gatti , The Brewery CANEDIGUERRA born at the beginning of 2015 in the center of this province of Piedmont, in an old textile factory in widespread disuse. Linear appearance, as the rest of brewing philosophy: CANEDIGUERRA offers traditional recipes, respectful of stylistic canons, no filter and no pasteurization, best process technology and quality control for the production.