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Agricanto Liquor


When Agricanto liquor was produced for the first time, the specific intent was to create an elixir based on wine, one that could truly express refined elegance. To that end, Paladin started a long and exhaustive search, first among ancient monastic recipes, and later among officinal plants and rare essences.

  • Tasting: Perfect balance between the strength and generosity of the Raboso wine, the delicate scent of ripe cherries and the intense aroma of the rarest spices. Agricanto is an inviting liqueur, characterized by an intense ruby red colour and rich aroma. It is delicate and seductive, seeking out very senses and enlivening them.
  • Pairing: It should always be consumed ice cold, by itself in order to have a digestive effect, or pairing with chocolate, fruit, sweets and ice cream.
  • Region: Veneto
  • Producer: Paladin
  • Vine: Glera 100%
  • Bottle size: 700 ml

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Veneto, Annone Veneto

It's important for a customer to see how wine producers work, how they take care of vineyards, what they do in a cellar, and how to fine-tune wine because this allows to trasmit him the passion and work of the people behind each label. Lucia Paladin - Owner

Paladin Family boasts a 50-years old history in the Venetian viticulture. Passion, research, respect for traditions: these are the main values pursued by Paladin Family since the company’s foundation in 1962 by Valentino who followed his grandfather’s marks. Carlo, Lucia and Roberto brought energies and enthusiasm with the aim of producing excellent, typical wines while respecting the family traditions.

Paladin's vineyards, which look like beautiful gardens, are part of an estate extending almost 100 hectares located between Eastern Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.