Time to say goodbye UK

Time to say goodbye UK

Dec 29, 2021Ana Markovic

“Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.” *

The situation is not as dramatic as it was for Romeo and Juliet, but it's still nothing to be cheerful about.

From 1st January 2022, we will suspend shipments to the UK.


Beginning January 1, 2022, an Export Health Certificate (EHC) will be required for exports of Products of Animal Origin from the UE to the UK. EHCs are endorsed by an Official Veterinarian in the country of origin, and the exporter is responsible for providing them to the UK importer, along with corresponding commercial and shipping documents.

This is the essence of the agreement between the UK and Europe to commercialize every single product of animal origin.

We are an e-commerce company and often deal with small artisanal businesses. This would represent a severe bureaucratic burden, resulting in higher costs and longer timeframes. It's easy to understand why this is not sustainable for our company.

Do we agree?

Of course not. We find it absurd that the exchange of a commodity such as food should be treated in this way in Europe. Because that's what we're talking about, Europe. We trade more easily with Australia; doesn't that seem a bit illogical?

We are bitterly disappointed, and we think both sides could have found softer solutions that respect the commercial activities of the countries involved. 

What can we do in the meantime?

First, you could move to Italy: this would solve the problem of finding good food on your table!

Joking aside, all we can do is wait. We hope with all our hearts that it won’t be a goodbye, but just a see you later. In the meantime, we'll carry on our project: if you still want to buy goods for your European friends and family, naturally, you can continue to do so. 

Don't throw yourself down and as our grandmas would say, be sure you eat well!

Thank you very much for following us until today: we hope to let you hear from us soon.

* W. Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


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