Pandoro vs Panettone

Panettone vs Pandoro: Italian Christmas War!

Nov 01, 2022Ana Markovic

Could you ever imagine that the diatribe between Panettone and Pandoro could be the main topic of Italian Christmas lunches and dinners? Instead, it is just like that! Let's call it a "clash between the titans of Christmas", so much that real factions are created every year between the supporters of the two typical Christmas sweets. Not to mention the countless variations of the original recipes: in short, we don't joke about food here in Italy! But where does this "Italian Christmas War" come from?

A question of...candied fruits

It often happens that in families and groups of friends, there are those belonging to "Team Panettone" and those of "Team Pandoro": the supporters of the two factions rarely change sides, but there are also many gourmands who appreciate both! But why this opposition? Everything originates from the main element of traditional panettone, the candied fruits, which are not present in Pandoro. The ancient recipe for panettone, which dates back to the Middle Ages, calls for candied fruit and raisins to give it that unmistakable flavour that was soon automatically associated with Christmas.

We will let you in on a secret: the difference between Panettone and Pandoro does not only lie in the presence of candied fruit, even though this is undoubtedly the characteristic that first catches the eye and the taste. The dough, processing, and shape are other elements that create the uniqueness of panettone and Pandoro.

Candied fruits, however, represent the most evident difference. It is therefore not uncommon to see piles of candied fruit left on the plates of diners: the most persistent opponents of panettone remove raisins and candied fruit and enjoy the slice of panettone in this way! Crazy right? But don't worry, there is no waste of food: in all cases, an uncle, a sister or a friend will come along and take an extra dose of raisins and candied fruit.

When does peace happen?

If the two teams do not give up, the solution adopted during Christmas lunches and dinners is, of course, to bring both Panettone and Pandoro to the table! We Italians never back down in front of good food. 

You can also eat both of them with delicious creams spread on the soft slices: hazelnut cream, chocolate cream, pistachio cream. Did you know that today there are different flavours of panettone and Pandoro that often manage to get everyone to agree? Some examples are panettone with limoncello, pistachio, glazed with almonds, or Pandoro with black cherries. We came up with the idea of combining two of the most beloved Italian desserts: panettone and tiramisu! The result is the exclusive La Marisa Panettone with Tiramisu Cream: an absolute explosion of taste that is hard to give up.

A perfect gift

By now you know, food is a central element of daily life in Italy. And during the Christmas season, it takes on an even deeper meaning. We gather around the table with family and friends to spend the vacations together, and food unites us even more. That's why pandoro and panettone also become perfect gifts! Today we are in the mood for secrets revealed, so let's conclude with this. Here in Italy, pandoro and panettone are not only enjoyed during the Christmas holidays but long before and even after! They are sweets eaten at the end of meals, but we usually eat them for a tasty snack or a really...energetic breakfast! In short, it is a gift that is always very appreciated! If you want to give a pandoro or a panettone, we are waiting for you: we have prepared a selection of the best Italian handmade products. Discover them all!

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