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Someone uses it to remove the limestone, someone to make the hair smoother and someone – the majority – to season the salad. But not everybody know that the vinegar is also a precious food for the health: thanks to the acetic acid it makes the foods ( in particular the fat) more digestible, it has a disinfectant action, low calories and it’s rich of vitamins and mineral salts


The Vinegar to be revalued

White, red or “rosè” (pinkish), the traditional wine vinegar must have at least the 6% of acidity grade. The industrial one usually shows the wording “ classic vinegar” while the most valuable products are described “ high quality”. Actually last times the wine vinegar is ever less appreciated by the consumers that prefer the balsamic vinegar’s sugary notes, although today there is someone who proposes again the classic condiment starting from high-quality wines like Barolo, Barbera, Moscato or Chianti.
Lastly, the flavored vinegars are obtained from the wine vinegars, leaving herbs or spices like oregano, thyme, garlic and sage in infusion


The Two Balsamics

The home made one matures , slowly, for at least 12 years . It’s the traditional balsamic vinegar, produced with boiled grape must: syrupy, dark brown and glossy, with a sweet and sour velvet flavour .

With the same care and dedication it’s produced in the Emilian “acetaie” and sold, with the name of “Aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena ( o di Reggio Emilia) DOP”, in few ml bottles at high prices ( usually starting from 40 eur) . Cheaper is the “Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP”, now widespread on our tables, made with a mixture of grape must and wine vinegar.


And who loves delicate flavours...

To taste is the apple vinegar obtained from the apple cider ( better if from organic farming), less acid ( approx. 5% of acidity grade), useful for the heartburn, rich of vitamins and of more other virtues that the ancients already know considering it an elixir of life. 



Lastly to try the fruit vinegars: raspberries, currants, blueberries and cherries. They have low acidity and a sweet and sour flavour, appropriate for vegetable and fruit salads but also for boiled meats and game.


Also in Italian style

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Risotto with sausage and Barbera wine

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Linguine with genovese-style pesto

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