Wholegrain Red Rice 1 Kg

  • It is a little known variety but very nutritious that derives from the selection of particular varietal strain , whose coloring is given by the natural pigments that the plant produces. For its nutritional features can be added to children, seniors and sportsmen diet. Thanks to its slight refining it is comparable to a brown rice, therefore cooking must be slow and long.

    Its coloring unleash fantasy in the cuisine! For soups, timbale , side dishes and salads; excellent with fish gravy.

  • Region: Piedmont

    Producer: Gli Aironi

    Ingredients: Italian native brown red rice

    Packaging: 1Kg

    Storage conditions: store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf-life: 24 months in vacuum-sealed package

  • Back five generations the Perinotti Family cultivates rice in the Grange Vercellesi, a life dedicated to the research of the excellence and to rediscover varieties of native rice: a courageous and ambitious choice taken in an historic period in which standardization would have been a safer way. The best lots are now packed with the “Gli Aironi” brand: the same birds that stand out also in the company logo, formerly in way of extinction and now returned in great numbers in the Grange, confirming a renewed environmental sensitivity. The founding Company’s principles are the attention to the environment and the sustainability: since years the family Perinotti uses methods of cultivation of reduced environmental impact and experience innovative techniques. Past and present, tradition and innovation; with the work done by the past generations for the improvement of the crops conditions, for example with hydraulic works that has allowed to reduce to the minimum the usage of chemical products; with the experimentation of the today’s generation that has allowed the attainment of purity and of the variety uniformity, great company treasure.

Gluten free Low fat Lactose free Nut free