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Sognodoro American Pale Ale 6x33cl


Sognodoro beer is an American pale ale beer characterized by a soft and complex taste due to the combination of malts and different hops: English noble hops, tasting fresh and grassy, and the American ones, rich in citrus and tropical flavours. The dense and persistent foam is lost among the exceptional flavours of this beer. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Sognodoro can accompany cheeses and cured meats, white meats flavoured with citrus fruit.

  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • Producer: La Buttiga
  • >Aroma: The freshness and the aroma of the many hops used to stand out on the nose. The citrus and citric flavour of the American hops alternate with more spicy and herbal notes given by the European hops.
  • >Flavor: In the mouth, it gives an interesting citrus profile and a unique balance between the different hops (English noble hops and American hops) and the rich malty part.
  • Alcohol content: 6,5%
  • Bottle size: 6 units x33cl

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Emilia Romagna, Piacenza

Our unbridled passion for beer, near to obsession, led us to realize this dream that we carry forward every day with dedication and commitment, experiencing and risking, struggling and drinking .... We did not believe it was possible to love so much a beverage... Isacco Mezzadri - Owner

Since 2011, the huge passion for beer has led four boys to abandon their boring and unloved jobs and jump into their dream starting to conduct their first experiments in a basement with some old pots. Feeling the satisfaction of those who tasted the first beers has led these guys to grow fearlessly without looking at the obstacles.

Buttiga was born in a beautiful sixteenth-century courtyard in the outskirts of Piacenza and it is built inside of an old barn, now surrounded by a green orchard, horses and hens.