Ribera Oranges PDO Marmalade 230g

  • This marmalade brings on your table the tastes of the Sicilian fruit. An unmistakable, intense and persistent taste thanks to the use of authentic and high quality raw material: PDO Ribera oranges.

    Taste it for breakfast on rusks, use it to make tarts or serve it to your guests with half seasoned cheese.

  • Region: Sicily


    Ingredients: Pdo Ribera oranges, sugar, carob seed flour, lemon juice

    Packaging: 230g

    Storage conditions: store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf-life: 36 months

  • Scyavuru, that means smell, fragrance in Sicilian dialect, is born from the passion of a group of people connected by a parental relationship and a strong sense of respect for traditions and for Sicilian ancient culinary recipes. A laboratory of tastes and flavors where to the fruits and vegetables production follows a meticulous processing to make jam, marmalade, pesto, sweet cream and jelly. All fresh, genuine and exclusive product.