Raspberry Sugar 70g

  • Raspberry flavoured sugar (white sugar), obtained from annealing sugar and fresh raspberries.

    Raspberry sugar may usually replace regular white sugar, except for sweetening coffee. Its acidity gives a distinctive touch to every dish, as well as its scent. The colouring makes it perfect to garnish sweet recipes, excellent paired with ricotta, cheesecake, ice cream, panna cotta, meringues and cakes in general. Also good with tisane and tea.

  • Region: Lazio

    Producer: Azienda Agricola Biaggioli - Lamponi dei Monti Cimini

    Ingredients: Dehydrated raspberries

    Packaging: 70g

    Storage conditions: Keep in a cold and dry place and after opening, keep in refrigerator

    Shelf-life: 12 months from the date of production


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Lazio, Viterbo

Italy Lazio

One has to try raspberries from the Cimini Mountains to understand that not all products are the same as we are not all the same. And, please do not call them "jams" Massimiliano Biaggioli - Owner

Lamponi dei Monti Cimini is a family-owned company currently run by members of the family. It has an area of about one hectare fully cultivated with floricane and primocane raspberries. Non-organic by choice, in addition to the core product, chestnut and hazelnut trees, typical of the area, are also grown in a smaller area.

The company's philosophy is to provide the highest quality possible of these genuine products.