Potato dumplings "Gnocchi" 500g

  • Potato gnocchi is an extremely widespread dish in Italy. The most famous of these dumplings are made with potatoes, particularly those with yellow paste. They look like small pieces of dough with a roundish shape that must be boiled in hot and salted water and then seasoned to taste.

    Suggested cooking time: 1 min.

  • Region: Emilia Romagna

    Producer: Pastificio Fontana

    Ingredients: Preparation, corn starch, wheat starch, salt, soft wheat flour, skimmed milk, egg yolk, flavorings, water

    Packaging: 500g

    Storage conditions: Store at a temperature from 0° C to 4°. Once opened must be consumed within 3 days.

    Shelf-life: 60 days


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Emilia Romagna, Piacenza

Italy Emilia Romagna

Traditional recipes where technology cleverly serves craftsmanship. That's the recipe for goodness! Gianmario Peretti - Owner

Pastificio Fontana born over 50 years ago as a small craft workshop developing throughout the years to become a landmark in its territory for the production of first quality typical fresh pasta.

The pasta maker is nowadays able to obtain a pasta with the typical flavor and texture of the fresh homemade pasta that can reach a 42 days long shelf life with no use of preservatives, anti-mold and antioxidants during packaging.