Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle Cream 180g

  • In this sauce very precious ingredients such as white truffle and porcini mushrooms are combined with extra virgin olive oil. Truffles are processed in a modern laboratory right after harvesting in Molise woods according to strictly traditional methods. The painstaking selection of raw material without the addition of artificial preservatives or dyes is able to guarantee the genuineness of the product.

    Ideal on pasta, rice, meat, vegetables, eggs etc...

    • Region: Molise

      Producer: Di Iorio Tartufi

      Ingredients: Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) min.90%, Extra virgin olive oil, White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) min.3%, salt, flavoring.

      Packaging: 180g

      Storage conditions: Keep in cool and dry place. Once opened, cover the product with olive oil and keep refrigerated.Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources.

      Shelf-life: 36 months in original packaging and in normal warehouse at room temperature but, our company has decided to label products with expiry of 27 months for more security.

    • Di Iorio Tartufi is an Italian family-run company specialized in truffle hunting and processing of truffleswonderful centuries-old woods of Molise Region, which are the treasure chest of this ancient delicacy. During these years, mixing skills and fantasy, Di Iorio Tartufi has developed a wide range of products which are excellent for preparing refined dishes: truffle creams, sauces, oil, salt, honey, butter and cheese.

    Lactose free Nut free