PDO Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

  • The Granoro extra virgin olive oil is the result of a  hand-picking and a cold squeezing done according to anexclusively mechanical procedure. This procedure guarantees a product with a low acidity percentage (at maximum is 0,5%). The Granoro extra virgin olive oil is a highly digestible product and for its organoleptic and nutritional qualities it provides the right daily intake of vitamins.

  • Region: Puglia

    Cultivar: Coratina

    Producer: Granoro

    Packaging: 750 ml

    Storage condition: 15°-16°C

    Shelf Life: 18 months

  • Granoro’s PDO and 100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oils are made from olives grown in Puglia (Italy) by the Di Corato agricultural holding on land surrounding Castel del Monte, in the countryside of Andria, just a few kilometres away from Granoro’s production facility. The area in which they grow is known as Contrada Rivera (formerly known as Livrera), which is one of the most prestigious agricultural production areas in Italy, the heart of the PDO and the Alta Murgia National Park.