Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Organic 750ml

  • This organic extra virgin olive oil has a fruity flavor, slightly spicy and a delicate perfume, a mix of fragrant essences typical of the Murgia in Apulia. The organic Granoro extra virgin olive oil is suitable for everyone’s nutrition thanks to its organoleptic properties that provides the right daily intake of vitamins.

  • Region: Puglia

    Cultivar: Coratina and Ogliarola

    Producer: Granoro

    Packaging: 750 ml

    Storage condition: 15°-16°C

    Shelf Life: 18 months

  • Granoro's organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives cultivated with the organic agriculture techniques following the CE protocol which defines the production rules of the biological foods. Granoro indeed respects the balance of the natural vital cycle ensuring the extra virgin olive oil is free from any residual of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Granoro's extra virgin olive oil is produced in an old oil mill just a few kilometers away from the pasta factory. Olives from the “Cultivar Coratina” e “Ogliarola” varieties all come from strictly controlled olive groves, they are hand picked directly from the plant and cold squeezed.