• The mount Baducco donkey bites is a typical dish of the Tuscan-Emiliana cuisine, rich and with an autumnal flavor, excellent to enjoy in colder days. The delicacy of the donkey meat becomes very soft after a long cooking and it blends perfectly with cooked vegetables or polenta.

    Serve warm with some ground pepper and a pinch of marjoram or parsley. Serve it with warm polenta or cooked vegetables to taste. To combine with a full-body and strong red wine. Heat it in a pan at low fire or microwave (400W for 4 minutes).

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: La bottega del trippaio

    Ingredients: Sterilized gastronomic product made of 50% donkey meat, onion, celery, carrot, extra virgin olive oil, red wine (it contains sulfites), tomato pulp, garlic, salt, grained pepper, juniper.

    Packaging: 280g

    Storage conditions: store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf life: 36 months from the production date

  • Carlo Alberto, Marco, Franco, Filippo and Carlo, the history of the Falli family which tells about the passion for the typical Tuscan cuisine. First choice raw materials, naturally worked and only of Italian origin, together with quality, innovation and tradition are the factory fundamental pillars. In 1985 brothers Franco and Marco Falli, little more than boys but already involved in the field by their father Carlo Alberto, took over a beef processing business: this is how the snc started up in Scandicci, at the gates of Florence. In 1990 starts the production of ready -made dishes : Florentine trippa , lampredotto and other recipes typical of the local cuisine, as the “Ribollita” and the “Pappa al pomodoro”(tomato soup), the “Cheek stew” and the “Peposo”. Fra.Ma becomes quickly leader in its field at a regional level thanks to the excellent product’s quality and the modern packaging technology. Faithful to its philosophy always attempting to make products with the utmost quality and healthiness, in 2015 comes a new line “La Bottega del Trippaio” (the trippa shop), that are delicatessen packed in glass.