Modica Chocolate with Pistachio 75g

  • Dolciaria Peluso

    In this version Modica chocolate is paired with pistachio, a classic ingredient of Sicilian culinary culture. Modica chocolate represents one of the most significant agri-food excellences in Sicily. This type of chocolate can be recognized thanks to the refined scent of spices and to the typical granular consistency due to its cold processing when only the cocoa butter reaches its melting point, meanwhile sugar crystals give the chocolate its typical granularity.

    Excellent combined with a liqueur wine such as Nero D’Avola, or surprisingly with tequila. It can be enjoyed as a drink, dissolved in water or milk, or as a pudding. Great also in the cappuccino if finely grated.

  • Region: Sicily

    Producer: Peluso

    Ingredients: Cococa paste (50% min), Sugar, Pistachio (5%). May contain traces of: milk, wheat flour, eggs and dried fruit nuts.

    Packaging: 75g

    Storage conditions: store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf-life18 months

  • Dolciaria Peluso Confectionery is a few kilometers away from the historic center of Modica, in Sicily, and here since 1964 dedicate itself to the production of cookies and typical Sicilian confectionery. Among all, given the geographical position, within its production let’s remember the famous chocolate!

Gluten free Lactose free