Mirto Rosso

Lisci Massimo

The artisanal liqueur of Mirto is characteristic for the minimum quantity of sugar used. The myrtle liqueur is in Sardinia, synonymous with typical traditional liqueur. The berries are harvested in the southwest of Sardinia in the Sulcis region between the first of December and the end of January. The unique flavor and color of the myrtle liqueur are due to the fruit of the myrtle plant, which generates purplish blue berries, which make this liqueur unique.

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  • Type: Liqueur
  • Alcohol: 30%
  • Region: Sardinia
  • Taste: Vegetal and myrtle berry hints arrive to the nose. On the palate it is intoxicating, not very sweet with a present and characteristic vegetal note.
  • Colors: Purplish blue color
  • Bottle size: 700 ml
  • Serving temperature: 12°-14° C

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Land of the centenarians, the cradle of food and wine traditions with a solid and straightforward character, Sardinia needs no introduction to flavours. The abundance of sun and unspoiled nature give our products unique and genuine flavours from the land and the sea.


Lisci Massimo

Myrtle berries are harvested in the southwest of Sardinia, in the Sulcis region, from December to the end of January. Massimo, the owner, says: "When I started to produce myrtle berries for fun, my grandmother appeared to me in a dream and told me that the quantity was not enough to offer it to guests. Since then, we have been making a little more".