• Lucille cookies are made for the most refined palate. Granoro prepares these cookies only with high quality raw materials: cocoa and hazelnuts, without using preservatives, hydrogenated fats and GMOs.

    The Granoro Lucille are ideal for any break in your day.

  • Region: Puglia

    Producer: Granoro

    Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetables fat (palm oil), powder cocoa (3,3%), powder chocolate (sugar, cocoa paste, powder low fat cocoa, vanilla natural aroma), butter, powder skimmed milk, wheat starck, eggs, cover of crystal sugar, yeast agents, honey, hazelnuts (0,7%). The biscuits are made without using preservatives.

    Packaging: 350g

    Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.

    Shelf-life:14 months from the date of production

  • The Granoro pasta factory was founded in 1967 in Puglia, in the heart of the midday of Italy, and ever since it produces all its products with passion and care. Granoro’s Cestino delle Delizie range promises quality and commitment, with biscuits of unparalleled taste. Selected with passion and experience, they are prepared using ingredients grown and selected with respect for nature with one main goal in mind: to offer the very best for a delicious start to the day, for us and our children. Granoro's search for quality drives every day to ensure that products always offer the best mix of flavour, authenticity and food safety, whilst maintaining high levels of goodness and excellence.