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Limoncino Borghi


Limoncino is a traditional Italian liquor produced with a natural infusion of lemon peel. It should be served ice-cold, and is an excellent way to close every convivial encounter. The veiled aspect of the liquor and the possible ring around the neck of the bottle simply testify to its genuineness.

  • Tasting: Lemon-yellow in color, it has an intense aroma of ripe lemons on the nose. On the palate it is sweet, full and juicy with citrus notes.
  • Pairing: Perfect as an ingredient for aperitifs, great to drink very cold after a meal, it also goes very well with ice cream, sorbets and fresh fruit salads.
  • Region: Veneto
  • Producer: Borghi
  • Ingredients: Alcohol, water, sugar, lemon peel.
  • Alcohol content: 30%
  • Serving temperature: Serve at 3°C
  • Bottle size: 700 ml

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Veneto, Annone Veneto

Our work is the fruit and pride of the commitment and passion of lots of people. Our products bring the tradition and culture of a territory with many specialties.- Owner

Distillati Borghi is a company with a long experience in the production of liqueurs. Making their products special is the careful selection of raw materials and the passion and respect for traditional recipes.