Grated Tuna Roe in Olive Oil 190g

  • Grated tuna roe is a special ingredient for seasoning seafood dishes and various sauces. It is typical of the coastal areas of the Tyrrhenian sea. It has an high caloric content, thus it’s suggested the consumption of few grams per person.

    Besides from being recognized as a top quality condiment for pasta, it pairs very well with all fish based dishes.

  • Region: Sicily

    Producer: Drago Sebastiano

    Ingredients: Dried and salted tuna roes in olive oil

    Packaging: 190g

    Storage conditions: Store at room temperature

    Shelf-life: 24 months from the packaging date


Drago Sebastiano logo

Sicily, Siracusa

Italy Sicily

Taste and tradition since 1929. Drago Sebastiano - Owner

Drago Sebastiano, founded in 1929, operates in the preservation of fish products respecting Sicilian traditions and with the experience gained from four generations. The Drago Company currently has an establishment in the industrial area of Syracuse where it works products such as tuna, mackerel and swordfish, preserved in brine, olive oil or soybean.

All the fish is cleaned by hand without preservatives or flavor enhancers.