• There is nothing better than a Gianguja flavoured hot cup of chocolate to warm the cold winter afternoons. That’s a drink mix made of selected high quality cocoa that will allow you to prepare a delicious cup of hot chocolate in few minutes, able to inebriate you with its unmistakable smell of Gianduja.

    You can pair your chocolate with some biscuits or whipped cream on top.

    To prepare a cup of chocolate, pour three little spoons of drink mix (25g) on a little pot. Then slowly add between 100 and125 ml of milk, to taste, and mix the ingredients until you reach a sufficiently homogeneous compound. Let the compound come to the boil with a low heat or with a steam jet. Depending on the density that you want to obtain, keep boiling if you want to increase the density of the compond, add more milk if you want a more liquid chocolate.
  • Region: Veneto

    Producer: Antica Pasticceria Muzzi

    Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa powder 25%, potato starch, salt, gianduja aroma 0.2%.

    Packaging: 300 g

    Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf-life: 36 months

  • It was the 1795 when Filippo Muzzi’s son Tommaso, began his career in the pastry field. His “Anisini”, that are candied aniseeds, became the local nobility’s favourites. Indeed, the Trinci noble family offered Anisini to the most important guests. Today Muzzi pastry shop is a successfull company, leader in the pastry industry thanks to the relevant volumes that it is able to place on the market. Innovative technologies, and mass-production machineries managed by specialized staff, are the key assets allowing Antica Pasticceria Muzzi to carry out nowadays a large-scale pastry business. However, assets are not enough for their business to continue growing: what is fundamental is their committment to a continuous improvement of traditional recipes.