• A strong triple ale with intense flavour of ripe fruit and dried fruit, but also of spices and biscuit.

      Perfect with aged cheese, herb cheese, fat meats and dry dessert.

    • Region: Emilia Romagna

      Brewery: La Buttiga

      Style: Triple ale

      Aroma: Intense, biscuits and spices feels

      Flavor: Displaying ripe fruit and dried fruit hints

      Alcohol content: 9.2%

      Bottle size: 33 cl

    • Since 2011, the huge passion for beer has led four boys to abandon their boring and unloved jobs and jump into this beautiful dream by conducting their first experiments in a basement with some old pots. Feeling every day THAT fragrance and enjoying the satisfaction of those who tasted the first beers has led these guys to grow fearlessly without looking at the obstacles. Buttiga was born in a beautiful sixteenth-century courtyard in the outskirts of Piacenza and it is built inside of an old barn, now surrounded by a green orchard, horses and hens. The production is today entirely intended for the Italian market, since it is not sufficient for the export. The goal for 2017 is precisely the expansion of the production to reach the international markets. Soon, a change of the production machineries and the same production site, moved to an equally spectacular location but more functional and suitable to continue to grow, experiment and feed this beautiful dream.