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Fiocco di Prosciutto Cotto Nino Cooked Ham 3Kg


Fiocco di Prosciutto Cotto's given name is Nino, the shortened version of Giovannino, and it and represents the smaller version of its famous father, prosciutto Cotto San Giovanni (San Giovanni cooked ham), from which it differs because it is produced only using the part of the nut instead of the whole pork's thigh. It is produced using the same national raw material selected for the production of Prosciutto Crudo di Parma. The meat is cooked for a long time, slowly, so to obtain rich natural flavour and the typical melt-in-the-mouth effect.

Serve Nino thinly sliced, forming a small pyramid. Enjoy it with slices of white bread. Alternatively, warm it up in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes to prepare a succulent and tasty main course that can be served with baked potatoes. Pair with red wines, such as Barbera and sparkling Bonarda dell’ Oltrepò Pavese, or with whites, such as Sooave and Franciacorta Pas Dosè.

  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • Producer: Capitelli F.lli
  • Ingredients: Pork, salt, honey, flavors
  • Storage conditions: Store at 4°C
  • Shelf-life: 150 days from the date of production

The weight of products as indicated on the label may slightly vary from the real weight of the delivery due to the small-scale artisanal production.

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Emilia Romagna, Borgonovo Val Tidone

Passion and continuous experimentation in order to get more and more healthy and highly digestible products are the capabilities that a sausage craftsman should always have. Angelo Capitelli - Owner

Claudio Capitelli, following a well-established family tradition in the ageing of meats and cheeses, decided to start a new adventure and founded Capitelli F.lli in 1977. Capitelli F.lli is located in Borgonovo Val Tidone, a green area characterized by the typical landscape of the Po area and the neighbouring Piacenza hills.

Over the last ten years, Capitelli F.lli has invested significant resources in research and development activities, with the specific intent to recover the authentic characteristics of the traditional Italian ham, exalted through highly innovative ideas.