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Finocchiona PGI 500g


Finocchiona is a Tuscan charcuterie with PGI trademark, made from a perfect mixing of low-fat tender meat with fat and soft meat from 100% Italian pork. To this delicate mixture salt, pepper, garlic and wild fennel seeds are added. It's this last spice that gives the name to this unique and tasty cured meat.

Excellent as a starter with mixed platter (charcuterie and cheese) together with a good glass of red wine and saltless Tuscan bread.

  • Region: Tuscany
  • Producer: Salumificio Viani 1922
  • Ingredients: Pork meat, salt, fennel seeds and fennel flowers, crumbled and ground pepper, garlic
  • Storage conditions: Store at 4°C
  • Shelf-life: 50 days from the date of production

The weight of products as indicated on the label may slightly vary from the real weight of the delivery due to the small-scale artisanal production.

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Tuscany, San Giminiano

Creativity, experience, technology and love for good things have made it possible to create unique specialties, whose inimitable characteristics derive from the ability to create products capable of combining traditional flavors with modern nutritional needs. Fabio Viani - Owner

Salumificio Viani was born in 1922 from Sollecito's initiative, which set up a simple artisan workshop: a shop; over time the business passed from father to son Alvaro and gradually expanded until 1997, when the last plant was inaugurated in order of time.

A work project that has found its evolution not only in safeguarding traditional recipes that risked being lost, but also in substance, since Viani integrates the ancient values ​​of the art of delicatessen with advanced production and technological capabilities: that's why every consumer has the certainty of always finding a high quality product.