• Extracted from olives of the native cultivar of the Viterbo territory, Tamìa Iron is the100% Caninese extra virgin olive oil which preserves in itself tradition and perfumes of Tuscia. Rich in polyphenols, precious components for our health (powerful antioxidants prolong life), is medium/intense fruity, with that typical taste of fresh olive and just mown grass, with hints of artichoke and sweet almond.

    It is suggested to use TAMIA IRON to prepare bruschetta, omelette, red meat frying, molluscs starters, tuna, chick peas and beans salads, red meat or swoefish marinade, blue fish, vegetables au gratin, charcoal grilled porcini mushrooms, soups and risotto with mushrooms, shellfish sauce, roasted rabbit, grilled chicken, fresh goat’s cheese, burrata, a teaspoon in the baby’s food.

  • Region: Lazio

    Cultivar: Canino

    Producer: Sergio alle Monache

    Packaging: 250ml 

    Storage conditions: 15°C-16°C

    Shelf life: 18 months

  • Founded in 1928 from siblings Delle Monache, the farm has always been dedicated to olive growing, and has always paid particular attention to the research of new growing techniques, including the cooperation of several experts and research institutes. The farm, that already distinguished for the used avant-garde techniques, begins to obtain the first achievements in the ‘thirties: indeed dates back to 1931 and 1937 the national won prizes in the olive cultivation. In the following 1940s and 1950s the farm go on with the experimental and research policy with the aim to obtain a qualitative improvement of the oil produced and keeps growing for dimensions and credibility. In 2012 the “Sergio Delle Monache” farm was definitely relaunched and with it, all its heritage made of history, passion, traditions, culture, experimentations, biological changes and products of excellence with the birth of the extra virgin olive oil Tamìa, an authentic, handicraft and healthy product: it is rich in polyphenols, a unique imprint that is in all Tamìa oils, which is well visible on all bottles. The company’s logo is formed by the word “Tamìa”, of Etruscan origin, that means “domestic, homemade”, and a digital fingerprint, primary symbol of uniqueness and traceability, which resembles the shape of an olive.