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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Organic Tamia Gold 500ml


Organic certified, Tamìa gold is the extra virgin olive oil from the Tuscian territory. Care in growing, extraction with the most innovative techniques and the cultivar used, allow this extra virgin olive oil to contain an extremely high concentration of polyphenols, essential elements to exalt the aromas and for our health. It is characterised by a medium/high degree fruity and medium/high degree of bitter and spicy with a prevailing hint of fresh almond and light sensations of grass and artichoke.

It is suggested to use TAMIA GOLD to prepare bruschetta, omelette, white meat frying, shellfish starters, bluefish au gratin, spaghetti with bottarga, carpaccio and red meat tartare, tuna salad, beans soup, first dishes with ragout, vegetables au gratin, baked red meats and game, hard matured cheese, buffalo’s milk mozzarella, a teaspoon in the baby’s food.

  • Region: Lazio
  • Cultivar: Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino
  • Producer: Sergio delle Monache
  • Storage conditions: 15°C-16°C
  • Shelf-life: 18 months

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Tamia logo

Lazio, Vetralia

We demonstrate respect towards our olive trees by tracing our olive oils with a fingerprint, a symbol of sound control of every moment along the production chain and of pride of our identity. Pietro Re - Owner

Olio Tamìa is produced in Sergio delle Monache farm founded in 1928 from siblings Delle Monache. The farm has always been dedicated to olive growing and has always paid particular attention to the research of new growing techniques, cooperating with several experts and research institutes. The farm, already well-known for its avant-garde techniques, began to obtain the first achievements in the ‘thirties when it won national prizes in the olive cultivation. In 2012 the birth of the premium extra virgin olive oil Tamìa, whose name has an Etruscan origin, that means “domestic, homemade”.

The logo represents a digital fingerprint, the primary symbol of uniqueness and traceability.