Extra Dark chocolate 70% with strawberries, raspberries and cherries "Toscano Red" 50g

  • Only when cocoa beans are truly of the finest quality they are ready to be shown off in chocolare bars of such a superior originality. Toscano red seals the extraordinary relationship between fruit and a chocolate of true character.

    The touch of an artist, the genius of Cecilia Tessieri, Maitre chocolatier: red fruit and a dark chcocolate canvas.

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: Amedei Tuscany

    Ingredients: Cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cane sugar, fruits (strawberries, cherries and raspberries), vanilla

    Packaging: 50g

    Storage conditions: keep in a dry and cool place, max 18°C 

    Shelf-life: 18 months


Amedei logo

Tuscany, Pontedera

Italy Tuscany

Research for perfection: nothing less, always more, beyond compare. Cecilia Tessieri - Maitre Chocolatier

Amedei chocolate represents the highest quality blended with the emotion of unconditional dedication. It is the skilful work of passionate men and women who, for over 20 years, every day, seek out excellence.

Amedei is recognised and awarded all over the world, a philosophy rather than a brand, which has managed to skilfully interpret the valuable nature of an evocative product like cocoa, sublimating it in a sensory and cultural experience.