Egg Tagliolini with Wheat Germ 250g

  • Egg Tagliolini are made with eggs, 100% semolina from the center of Italy of the variety Di Grazia, Achille and San Carlo, according to seasonality, and daily fresh wheat germ. Since dried at a low temperature, while cooking, this rich and nutritious pasta releases an intense flavor of wheat. Since bronze drawn, it’s rough and porous at sight and able to absorb better the sauces. A perfect fusion between innovation and tradition.

    In a large pot put one liter of water every 100 grams of product to be cooked; add big salt ( about 10-12 grams per liter); bring it to boil and lower the pasta and cook it for the time indicated (15-16 minutes). Drain it and season to taste. The presence of the fresh wheat germ leaves the cooking water slightly geen. Excellent combined with a white ragout, with a classic meat ragout or with vegetables and fish.

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860

    Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs, water, wheat germ. There can be traces of  eggs, fish and products derived from mollusks

    Packaging: 250g

    Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf-life: 36 months from the production date

  • The ancient Morelli pasta factory, is a family run business founded in 1860. After five generations, today are the Morelli brothers, Lucia, Antonio and Marco to carry on the family tradition. After many years of careful improvements, the Morelli pasta factory produces pasta slowly working groats with crafted technics ... Read more