Delicate Pesto with sun dried tomatoes and ricotta 180g

  • Delicate red pesto with ricotta and sun dried tomatoes ia a tasty and original pasta sauce. Delicious enriched with almonds or nuts.

    Heat under low heat in a cooking pan, then use red pesto to season fully cooked pasta. Garnish the dish with fresh basil leave.

  • Region: Liguria

    Producer: Frantoio Bianco

    Ingredients: Sun dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, ricotta, oregano, salt, hot pepper.

    Packaging: 180g

    Storage conditions: For sealed jars, 24 months shelf life, if the product is stored in a fresh and dry place, not directly exposed to heat sources or sun rays. Once the jar is opened, the product has to be covered with an olive oil layer, kept refrigerated and its consumption has to be made in a short time period.

    Shelf life: 24 months from the production date

  • Frantoio Bianco is a family business that has been producing Ligurian specialties for five generations. A reality that combines tradition and passion, dedication, seriousness and innovation, ancient flavors and modern guarantees, with special attention to the use of local and genuine raw materials that also translates into the organic production of extra virgin olive oil and taggiasca olives in the proprietary olive oil mill.

Gluten free Nut free




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