Classic Chocolate Cake 250g


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  • This classic chocolate cake is the one that made the history of the "Torta Pistocchi" laboratory. Its successful recipe has been patented to protect it from many imitation attempts. Its secret is simplicity: a blend of five different dark chocolates, bitter cocoa and a drop of milk cream. No flour, butter, eggs or sugar among the ingredients.

    Excellent with caramelized pears with red wine, little sugar and spices, a tuft of whipped cream or an almond biscuits.

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: Torta Pistocchi

    Ingredients: Extra dark chocolate, bitter cocoa, milk cream, spices

    Packaging: 250g

    Storage conditions: Store at a temperature between 3°C and 6°C

    Shelf-life: 6 months

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Tuscany, Firenze

Italy Tuscany

Our cakes are handmade, one by one, the same as we did 25 years ago...With no four, nor butter neither eggs, and without adding sugar. Mixing up to seven different types of dark chocolates, extra-pure cocoa powder, and a few milk cream. A big, creamy and mushy chocolate bon bon, in some versions enriched with fruit or spices. Claudio & Claudia Pistocchi - Owners

The history of Torta Pistocchi factory is the one of two siblings: Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi who have been working together for 25 years, producing in 1990 the famous Pistocchi cake in their laboratory in Florence.
Strong of the success found, after few years the cake recipe has been patentedto protect and distinguish it from various imitation attempts.

Innovation and constant research are the foundations of the Pistocchi factory, which over the years developed several variants of the classical cake and als6o a line of dragèes products that won various Italian and international awards.