Chili Pepper Cake 250g


  • Chili pepper cake has been the first variant of the famous classic Pistocchi chocolate cake, obtained by infusing chopped chili pepper in the chocolate cream and filtering it after few hours. A success!

    Try it with a butter shortbread or a ginger cookie, or with a Tropea red onion jam.

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: Torta Pistocchi

    Ingredients: 65% extra dark chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla), 12% bitter cocoa, chili pepper, milk cream, spices. No preservatives. 

    Packaging: 250 g

    Storage conditions: Store at a temperature between 3°C and 6°C

    Shelf-life: 6 months

  • The history of Torta Pistocchi factory is the one of two siblings: Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi who have been working together for 25 years, producing in 1990 the famous Pistocchi cake in their laboratory in Florence.
    Strong of the success found, after few years the cake recipe has been patented to distinguish it from various imitation attempts.
    Innovation and constant research are the foundations of the Pistocchi factory, which over the years developed several variants of the classical cake and als6o a line of dragèes products that won various Italian and international awards.