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I Like Italian Food

This Christmas hamper is a journey through the authentic Italian taste, from North to South. Starting from Lombardy, try the sweet Panettone, almond nougat and have a binge of mushroom risotto. In Emilia, taste the salame piacentino and Parmigiano Reggiano. Stop in Liguria to stock up on extra-virgin olive oil; in Tuscany for cantucci and the inevitable bottle of Chianti Classico; then in Apulia, where you cannot have an aperitif without Cerignola olives! End the trip in Sicily, sinking your fingers into the hazelnut spread cream and your teeth into the soft almond sweets.

Hamper contents

  • Panettone Glazed with Almonds (1Kg)
  • Organic Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 18 Months (300g)
  • Salame Piacentino PDO (500g)
  • Bella di Cerignola Olives PDO (280g)
  • Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms (250g)
  • Hazelnut Spread Cream (200g)
  • Candied Orange and Dark Chocolate Cantuccini Tuscan Cookies (200g)
  • Sicilian Sweetnesses Assorted Almond Paste Sweet (400g)
  • Crumbly nougat with almonds (165g)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cru Muela" (750ml)
  • Chianti Classico DOCG (750ml)
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What's in the Hamper

Panettone Glazed with Almonds (1Kg)
Producer: La Marisa
The traditional Italian Christmas Panettone, with its typical creamy yellow dough, candied orange, citron peels and raisins, is enriched with a crunchy glaze, dotted with almonds.

Organic Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 18 Months (300g)
Producer: Il Borgo del Gazzano
This Organic Parmigiano Reggiano PDO is a genuinely exceptional cheese with a strong flavour and a unique consistency.

Salame Piacentino PDO (500g)
Producer: Salumi Grossetti
Salame Piacentino is a cured meat typical of Piacenza in Emilia Romagna region.

Bella di Cerignola Olives PDO (280g)
Producer: Parente
The PDO green olives “Bella di Cerignola” are the largest variety of table olives, delicately salty, to be enjoyed with aperitifs, side dishes or simply as a tasty snack.

Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms (250g)
Producer: Gli Aironi
Ready to cook mix for Risotto, with Carnaroli rice and porcini mushrooms.

Hazelnut Spread Cream (200g)
Producer: Scyavuru
The Scyavuru hazelnut cream is a delight for true connoisseurs: made with selected hazelnuts, it has an unmistakable texture and flavor.

Candied Orange and Dark Chocolate Cantuccini Tuscan Cookies (200g)
Producer: Deseo
Dark chocolate combines perfectly with candied orange in these Cantuccini cookies from Tuscan pastry tradition.

Sicilian Sweetnesses Assorted Almond Paste Sweet (400g)
Producer: Peluso 1964
Sicilian Sweetnesses by Peluso 1964 is an assorted package of almond paste pastries with pistachio, mandarin, lemon, and orange.

Crumbly nougat with almonds (165g)
Producer: Muzzi
The crumbly almond nougat of Antica Pasticceria Muzzi is the result of the right balance of ingredients, all natural and well calibrated.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cru Muela" (750ml)
Producer: Sommariva
Cru Muela is a high quality 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, produced in limited quantities from the best olives cultivar such as Taggiasca, Leccino Colombara and Frantoio, to give a delicate taste.

Chianti Classico DOCG (750ml)
Producer: Fattoria di Rodano
The wine is a remarkable expression of Chianti Classico, born from a blend of Sangiovese, with 10% of Colorino and Canaiolo grapes, on soils of alluvial and calcareous origin between 200 and 300 meters above sea level.

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