Anolini filled with meat 250g


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  • Anolini are a type of fresh egg pasta with a mix of pork and beef meat and vegetables filling, typical of Emilia-Romagna regional tradition.

    Anolini are amazing in vegetable or chicken broth, or simply seasoned with butter and sage.

  • Region: Emilia Romagna

    Producer: Pastificio Fontana

    Ingredients: Dough: “00” flour, durum wheat semolina, egg, water. Filling: beef, pork, Grana Padano, breadcrumbs, mixed vegetables, red wine, salt, nut, natural aroma, nutmeg

    Packaging: 250g

    Storage conditions: Store at a temperature from 0° C to 4°. Once opened must be consumed within 3 days.

    Shelf-life: 60 days


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Emilia Romagna, Piacenza

Italy Emilia Romagna

Traditional recipes where technology cleverly serves craftsmanship. That's the recipe for goodness! Gianmario Peretti - Owner

Pastificio Fontana born over 50 years ago as a small craft workshop developing throughout the years to become a landmark in its territory for the production of first quality typical fresh pasta.

The pasta maker is nowadays able to obtain a pasta with the typical flavor and texture of the fresh homemade pasta that can reach a 42 days long shelf life with no use of preservatives, anti-mold and antioxidants during packaging.