Terms & Conditions

Buyer's obligations

It is expressly forbidden to give false data and or use another person's identity in the registration process, which is instrumental to the sales agreement's execution and related communications. The user's name and e-mail address must be honest, and all the data must be correct and updated.
The sale of wine and alcoholic products is forbidden to minors.
According to the law of 08 November 2012, which transposed the decree-law of 13 September 2012 No. 158, the sale of alcoholic products is prohibited to minors. Therefore the user declares to be of age according to the legislation applicable to the latter. The user also says that whoever receives the alcoholic product will be of age according to the legislation relevant to the last.


Delivery failure

For delivery, the presence of the customer or his representative is required at the address indicated on order. If the customer or the person in charge is not present or insolvent, the customer will be charged (even on subsequent expenses) for delivery, any stocks, and the cost of products that can no longer be sold to third parties.


Delivery terms

The delivery of the goods takes place by express courier, operated in collaboration with the best international couriers. To guarantee a shipping service by express courier with tracking and with the best value for money, the shipping offered is standard and is developed as follows:

Within 24-48 working hours from order fulfillment, at our warehouse, the shipping service will send you a link by e-mail to access the shipment tracking to get real-time updates on delivery.

Although I Like Italian Food provides your telephone number to the shipper to contact you, we cannot guarantee that this will happen as the shipping service is external to our systems and does not depend directly on us. For these reasons, telephone contact will take place only at the driver's discretion, who will physically take care of the delivery. We also specify that it is impossible to indicate any preferred delivery times in the standard service. Still, we can use additional services on specific requests such as priority delivery to the floor or by appointment. Contact us at the e-mail address: helpdesk@ilikeitalianfood.com to request a quote on the additional shipping costs that apply to this type of service.
Our customer service is always at your disposal to ensure a safe delivery for every need!
Delivery times will depend on the country of delivery. Delivery takes place on average in 2/3 working days from processing the order. In case of delivery delays due to causes of force majeure and or fortuitous events, the customer service of I Like Italian Food srl will promptly inform the customer.


Delivery costs

Shipping costs throughout the European Union, except for promotions or discount codes, are:

  • € 15,00 for orders up to € 99,99
  • € 9,00 for orders over € 100,00


*Thermal Shipping

Fresh products, such as cured meats and cheeses, are shipped with thermal packaging, a particular packaging system with materials designed to preserve the correct conservation and quality of the product without interrupting the cold chain during transport. The thermal shipment also applies to heat-perishable products such as chocolate and sugared almonds during the summer. For more information on shipments, consult the complete information here: https://www.ilikeitalianfood.com/pages/shipments.


Terms of payment

Accepted payment methods for direct orders are Credit- card and or Pay Pal.
In the case of default or overdue payment, I Like Italian Food srl reserves the right to take appropriate action for debt collection, such as commissioning the recovery to a specialized collection agency, claiming due interests, and charging legal expenses changing the terms of payment. It is to be understood that the delivery is subject to payment of the total price by the payment methods indicated by I Like Italian Food srl.



In case of back-orders, I Like Italian Food srl will be sending out the items as soon as they are re-stocked, with absolute priority, to reduce as much as possible the waiting period and without additional shipping costs. For greater transparency, the accurate availability of the items and the related waiting time will be displayed on the website www.ilikeitalianfood.com during browsing.


Return management

Any faulty or damaged products will be reimbursed or replaced with no additional cost before the approval of the office responsible. No claims will be considered after 10 days from receiving the items and if the goods are not returned in the original packing.
In this case the goods will be returned to the sender as freight- collect. This sales contract is governed by the general conditions listed herein. Everything not expressly established herein will be governed by the laws about sales outlined in the Italian civil code.
It is understood that the warranty of the products cannot be different from that one offered by the producer Companies, as I Like Italian Food srl will not take any additional liability. In accordance with D.P.R. no. 472 of 14 August 1996, the items have to be necessarily returned together with the transport document, including the number and the date of the order confirmation related to the contested product.
I Like Italian Food srl reserves the right to introduce any changes to the original commercial offer without any obligation or forewarning.


Traceability of sold products

For all the products managed by I Like Italian Food srl and especially the normative-regulated products, full traceability of the products is guaranteed.


Storage conditions

Incoming and outgoing material from the I Like Italian Food srl warehouse follows the FEFO (First Expired First Out) logic to check and guarantee the products' expiry date and freshness. The entire warehouse is fully air-conditioned to ensure storage conditions suitable for the products handled. The temperature is controlled according to the terms of the law or on the manufacturers' recommendation. The utmost attention is paid to the state of conservation of the products both during storage and during shipment.


Quality control

The buyer and or the person in charge of the goods must check the integrity and number of delivered packages at the moment of collection and before the carrier. Possible defects or discrepancies in the number(s) have to be reported in the appropriate space on the transport document signed and given to the carrier. After that, the buyer must contact I Like Italian Food srl to report any issue(s) within ten days from delivery.



  1. The pictures of the products and the information contained in the technical data sheets correspond to the true characteristics of the products. The data is provided directly by the manufacturer or the seller.
  2. It is understood that any discrepancies between what is published on the website www.ilikeitalianfood.com and the reality of the products will not be attributable to I Like Italian Food srl. I Like Italian Food srl will not be responsible for the reliability of the information given by the Producer or the Supplier.
  3. The pictures that illustrate the products and the data sheets will not be part of the contractual framework and, in no case, will be considered under the responsibility of I Like Italian Food srl.
  4. The data sheets and the pictures of the products given by the Producers and the Suppliers to I Like Italian Food srl disclaim any liability regarding their contents and the actual correspondence with the products.
  5. The buyer will be responsible for the choice of the ordered products.
  6. The information given on this website or through it has a general informative aim and cannot be considered a specific consultancy.
  7. The buyer accepts decisions based on this information with full autonomy and awareness and at real risk to the customer. No rights shall be inferred from the information included on this website.
  8. I Like Italian Food srl gives accurate, complete, and updated information, but it will not be liable for the information obtained on the website www.ilikeitalianfood.com as third parties provided the former.


Gift package

Do you want to customize a Gift Basket? Do you want a gift box for your I Like Italian Food products?

With our Gift Boxes, it's simple!

A food and wine gift are always welcome: the I Like Italian Food gift boxes will be the best frame for the goodness you want to give!
At the only additional cost of 5 €, our operators pack your gifts by hand! They choose the proper size packaging or place your purchased products in many gift boxes.
You have the option to include a gift card: send your personalized greetings to whoever you want!


Electronic payments

The payments by credit card or other electronic systems will be done through a secure payment connection with Shopify Payments or PayPal. In case of charge with a credit card, the financial information will not be shared with I Like Italian Food srl, who shall not be liable for any fraudulent use of the card in question.


Problems with using this site

The Customer has to provide suitable equipment and software for Internet connection in total autonomy. I Like Italian Food srl shall not be liable if a section or the entire site of www.ilikeitalianfood.com is not accessible. I Like Italian Food srl does not guarantee that the website www.ilikeitalianfood.com will operate without errors or interruptions. Any manipulation of this site, its contents, and the software that supports it is forbidden, which could prevent the use of the website by other online users. I Like Italian Food srl will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect ones, arising from the access to this site and or from the use of its contents. I Like Italian Food srl reserves the right to modify the information given on the website www.ilikeitalianfood.com, including the details of this release, at any time and without notice. I Like Italian Food srl will not be liable for the contents of external websites linked to the site of www.ilikeitalianfood.com.


Force majeure

I Like Italian Food srl is not liable for the failures to perform the party's obligations or delays in delivery if such failures occur due to force majeure, natural disasters, war, government sanctions, etc. In case of force majeure, the parties are entitled to withdraw the contract or request its fulfillment within a period to be determined. In this case, the affected party will be promptly advised of the event to I Like Italian Food srl.


Limitation of liability

I Like Italian Food srl is not liable for any dis-service deriving from force majeure that can prevent the total or partial fulfillment of the sale contract within the period previously agreed. I Like Italian Food srl is not liable for damages, loss, or additional costs resulting from the sales agreement's failure in the cases written above, such as damages, loss, or extra costs resulting from the impossibility to use the items. The Customer has the only right to be refunded the amount of the items, excluding the delivery costs. I Like Italian Food srl is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from delays or interruption of the electric commercial system, when this event depends on the malfunctioning of the telecommunication system and does not depend on our behavior. I Like Italian Food srl is not liable for any delay or failure in fulfilling the order when impediments are beyond our control. The description of the products on the website has a commercial purpose and does not imply any assurance or certification of the real effectiveness of the products. I Like Italian Food srl does not guarantee the absolute validity and utility of the products displayed on the website. It is not liable for the non-occurrence of the effects reported in the descriptions and or on the packaging. I Like Italian Food srl is not responsible for the damages derived from the inappropriate use of the products displayed on the website.


Service interruption

I Like Italian Food srl reserves the right to interrupt the site's visibility either partially or in its total and suspend the related functions in all the cases associated with the efficiency and security of the website. In these cases, I Like Italian Food srl, unless for extraordinary urgent reasons, will communicate to the customers by any suitable means and as soon as possible.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

The sales contract between SI Like Italian Food srl and the Customer will be completed in Italy and exclusively governed by Italian Laws. Any controversy, claim, or dispute arising between the parties in connection with the interpretation and fulfillment of this sales contract will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Juridical Courts of Piacenza.


Acceptance of Terms general sales Conditions

When placing an order in the provided manner, the Customer declares to have read all the data given during the sale process and accepts the General Conditions of Sale and Payment. Therefore, by Article 1342 and 1342 c.c., the Customer declares to have read and accepted the General Sales Conditions above, in its total and, after second reading, says to receive all the points of the General Conditions expressively.

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