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    Viti Vinicola Valla


    Emilia Romagna, Ziano Piacentino

    Emilia Romagna Region
    "That's tradition that relives in a wine. That's the rediscovery of ancient tastes and aromas, but above all the rediscovery of values." Davide Valla - Owner


    Valla viticulture was born in 2007, when the current owner, Davide Valla, takes over the historical family vineyard, previously run by his grandfather Francesco and then by his father Edmondo. But it is only since 2010 that it begins to market its wines, the results of 3 years of vinifications and refermentation tests with different techniques which made things clear to the young vintner, who finally has embarked the natural path. Natural path that was in the Piacenza Wine landscape for over 60 years, but recently have made new changes to modernize production and increase product’s quality. The vineyards stretch for about 5 hectares divided into two plots, distant between them only a few hundreds meters.

    Today the company produces and sells 4 wines, 2 sparkling wines (Gutturnio and Ortrugo “Narciso”) and 2 still wines (Superior Gutturnio “Merum” and Barbera “Aeterna”) but there are news to come that in time will be unveiled. The mission that Davide has decided to undertake is by no means easy, and is the promotion and divulging of the “Verb” of the Naturalness of wines. At a time when people try to homologize and standardize their products, we have gone definitely in the opposite direction, making wine without using technology, without clarifications and filtration, with sparkling wine to be drunk cloudy, as once was done. We are the tradition that comes back.


    The farm works the land and cultivate the vineyard in compliance with the principles of Advanced Integrated Defense, limiting to the minimum the interventions on the vine, in the full respect of nature and raw material. By doing this you get a very high quality product with a low environmental impact and this considerably increases the final quality of the wine.

    To produce the two still red wines only grapes from the ancient vineyard are used, which guarantee limited productions but excellent quality. Maceration time range from 8 to 10 days for the sparkling wines, 12 to 16 for the Superior Gutturnio “Merum” and finally 20 days and more for the “Aeterna” Barbera. The red grapes from the younger vineyard are used to produce the sparkling Gutturnio. In the cellar, thanks to the recovery of historic concrete vats, you can count on a batteries of vetrified concrete vats where the wine carries out all stages of pre-bottling processing from macerations to fermentation to refinement. Still wines recover for a minimum of nine months in these vats to obtain a perfect refinement thanks to the microscope of oxygen between wine and atmosphere, which simulates what happens in a barrique without the release of wood tannins.

    The peculiarity of the production of sparkling wines is the ancestral processing, that is the fermentation with the racking air in the bottle obtaining a sparkling wine with a natural fermentation, the Ortrugo “Narciso” stops in the bottle for about 100 days, meanwhile the sparkling Gutturnio refine 12 months in the bottle before being placed on the market.