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    Tenuta Scarpa Colombi


    Lombardy, Bosnasco

    Lombardy Region
    "Our challenge for the future is to succeed in spreading the knowledge about the Italian wine production, and in particular the one of the Oltrepò Pavese area." Roberto Colombi - Owner


    Tenuta Scarpa Colombi is a winery located in Lombardy. The vineyard stretches around one of the most beautiful mansions of the Oltrepò Pavese area, covering more than 36 hectars. The mansion was built between the 17 ° and the 18 ° century on the ruins of an ancient castle. Nowadays, the old mansion hosts Scarpa Colombi winery. The winery estate is located on the Appennine hills near Pavia where there is a very chalky soil, rich in marble. The biodiversity of the territory, the proximity to the sea, the presence of many coves and the Po river make the climate milder ad characterized by temperature changes between the day and the night time.

    Colombi’s family began to work on the wine industry at the beginning of the 20 ° century, when the grandfather Salvatore started to trade high quality wines in glass bottle. During the period between the two world wars, the sons Alfredo and Tullio helped their father in order to develop the activity. They bought estates and adoped modern techniques for the vines growing. The family bought the Scarpa Colombi estate at the beginning of the 50s. The agritourism was opened at the beginning of the 21 ° century.


    Tenuta Scarpa Colombi’s vineyards are located in the Oltrepò Pavese hills (Lombardy), one of the two most important areas for wine production, together with the Nizza Monferrato area (Piedmont), where the family owns an other estate called Tenuta La Ghignona.

    The Oltrepò Pavese area,  accounting for 13,400 hectars of DOC production, that is the 59% of all Lombardy wine production, is the third most important DOC area in Italy after the Chianti and the Asti ones. The main cultivated vine is Croatina, from which Bonarda wine is produced. Other widely cultivated vines are Pinot Nero, Barbera and Riesling.

    Bonarda and Barbera are Scarpa Colombi's main productions, of which new versions have been experimented. The current key products are the Pinot Nero and the DOCG Rosè classic method sparkling wine.