Liguria, Albenga

Liguria Region
"The farming tradition is a family matter!." Agostino Sommariva - Owner


For many it’s a job, for Sommariva instead it is taking care of all the land provides.

Love and respect for the land. This is Sommariva philosophy of work, made of passion and commitment to convert the wonderful fruits of land into delicious recipes, for more than 100 years..


Cold extracted extra virgin olive oils, olives in salted water, organic pesto genovese, creams, preserves in extra virgin olive oil and many other specialties of the old Ligurian kitchen are produced using non-industrial methods with raw materials coming in most part from the family farm. The absence of chemical additives and preservatives secures the virtues and safety of the products. Sommariva produces “healthy and correct” but also GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN products satisfy every customer's need.