Toscana, Pistoia

Toscany Region
"A taste travel starting from very far away" Andrea Slitti - Owner


Slitti company was founded in 1969 as a Coffee roasting firm by Luciano Slitti. In 1989 with the entry in the company of the two sons Andrea and Daniele, the production enlarges with the addition of chocolate processing. Daniele continues with coffee, just like his father, while Andrea is intrigued by another colonial product: cocoa; due to its similarities with coffee.

Soon the company feels the physiological need to expand, due to the increasing demand for its products, therefore in 2012 creates the new laboratory with an architectural connotation aimed at energy saving and green building.


Andrea Slitti’s experience into the world of chocolate has lead to the createion of balanced, round and aromatic cocoa blends of CRIOLLO - TRINITARIO FORASTERO AROMATICO varieties. Experienced selector of cocoa, he relies on his palate the realization of his recipes, always prepared with meticulous attention, without neglecting any detail. His product line is present in the most important selected stores in over 25 Countries worldwide.