Sicily, Ribera

Sicily Region
"Through the heritage of recipes handed down to us we can tell our customers our stories bringing in their homes the tastes and flavors of our Sicily." Nino Tornambè - Owner


Here near Ribera, a small center on the south coast of Sicily, the sun bursts angry and overpowering. Winter rains leaves quickly place to the beautiful season that dresses the surrounding countryside of colors and scents. It is a rainbow of hues: orange and yellow of the citrus gardens, intense red of the strawberries, brilliant green of the wild fennel. Everything around here shines with colors which accompanies scents and flavors.

Scyavuru (that in Sicilian means smell, fragrance) is born from the passion of a group of people united by a parental link and a strong sense of respect for traditions and for Sicilian ancient culinary recipes. A lab of tastes and flavors where to the fruits and vegetables production follows a meticulous processing to make jam, marmalade, pesto, sweet cream and jelly, that allows Scyavuru to reach directly the customer, offering a fresh, genuine and exclusive product. All the production go back to an immense heritage of recipes, in some cases revised for a modern consumer, attentive to the quality and the innovation of the product, with procedures scrupulously followed to pass tastes and flavors that would otherwise be lost.


Scyavuru farm, specialized in the productions of jam, through the supplying of the raw materials inside its associated farms and also on the regional territory, proposes itself to realize conventional and bio products, and a range of products with no added sugar, using raisin juice instead of sucrose. A lot of patience, devotion and only fresh fruits just collected cultivated with no stress following the normal rhythm of the nature. Easy recipes and a crafted processing without further addings.