Sapori in Movimento


Piedmont, Carmagnola

Italy Piemonte
Our passion, our work and our artisanal production give us the awareness of being unique. Enrico Giombini - Owner


Sapori in movimento offers a range of high quality products that recall the flavors of the past and genuine things. The company dedicates much attention to the choice of raw materials, making this careful selection a strong asset, together with careful observation for the old family recipes. An adventure made only of respect for the land and the desire to eat healthy.



It's not just food, it's much more. There are those who see the future in the pink, who sees green and who in the future sees ... sustainability. If it's true that most of us learn from their parents' teaching what respect and love for nature means, then we must go and find how much good comes from our territories. A journey that requires a passionate look and the desire to go where the best flavors of our gastronomic tradition are born. To do this real journey is needed, a long journey in our beloved Italian country done in the most environmentally friendly way: in bicycle. Because the bike allows that rigorous principle of respect for nature that Enrico Giombini, owner of the company, wanted to give. Here is therefore clarified why the company choosed its name meaning "Flavors In Motion"!