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    Salumificio Artigianale Toscano Pasquinucci


    Tuscany, Castelfiorentino

    Toscany Region
    Since 1940 we produce salami with passion and committment and we make of the harmony of nature a concert of flavors. Marco Sartori - Owner


    Bruno Pasquinucci started in 1940 as the owner of a butcher shop in the center of Castelfiorentino village and of a little charcuterie workshop just underneath his house. His son Stefano, after some time spent in the butcher shop, decided to develop the cured meat production in the little workshop creating the “Tuscan homemade cured meat Pasquinucci Stefano”. Over the years, thanks to the achievements attained, was born the “Tuscan homemade cured meat Pasquinucci srl”, recognized with the CE IT 3665 L stamp, located just a few kilometers from the old one that is situated on 800 square meters on 2 floors.

    The “Tuscan homemade cured meat Pasquinucci srl” bases itself only on high quality products, due to a careful selection of the suppliers and the raw materials, but, mostly, on product strongly linked to the territory as the “Briciolona”, the Tuscan “Salami”, the “Soppressata” and others. Recipes of this products go back three generations, as also Stefano’s sons, Giulio and Giacomo, entered the family Company. Thanks to the accurate choice of the suppliers and the quality department’s on-going analysis, The “Tuscan homemade cured meat Pasquinucci srl” is able to guarantee the absence of gluten, lactose and milk protein on every single product and since March 2012 is a member of the “Coeliac disease” handbook.


    Every products (except for game products) are from Italian pork meat and all the “Tuscan homemade cured meat Pasquinucci srl” products do not contain allergens, thanks to the company’s decision,taken many years ago aimed at producing high quality cured meat always attentive both to health standard and new market demands.