Veneto, Mezzane di Sotto

Veneto Region
A wide understanding of your environment, terroir, and vine, is the basis to obtain excellent, recognizable and with strong personality wines. Marco Sartori - Owner


Azienda Roccolo Grassi was founded in 1996 with the purpose to produce prestigious wines in an area highly suited for the viticulture. It was born out of a strong passion for the wine sector, but only for the best quality wines. Azienda Roccolo Grassi is a family-run business with an ambitious project: Marco, Francesca and dad Bruno’s aim is to obtain great grapes and produce few bottles of high quality wine every year; for this reason, the number of bottles produced varies annually, depending on the quality of the year.


Azienda Roccolo Grassi produces only wines with character, personality, easy identifiable in the territory and in the style. Roccoli Grassi wines evolve and mature through the aging in bottle. For this reason, most of the work is carried out in the vineyard, trying to limit the yield of each vine, making the grapes ripen well and being very careful in preserving in the cellars the raw material obtained. These practices convert into a careful viticulture that pays specific attention to the environment and the territory, respecting and preserving the bunch of grapes.