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Trippa alla Fiorentina 480g


There are no artefacts in Trippa alla Fiorentina. This dish praises the simplicity of the peasant tradition. In the centre of Florence there are still the “Trippai” in the markets or with their carts along the streets or squares, who cook and prepare the tripe daily both boiled or already cooked in different ways, filling delicious sandwiches for a fast meal.

Serve warm with plenty of grated Reggiano parmesan cheese. Heat it in a pan at low fire or microwave (400W for 4 minutes).

  • Region: Tuscany
  • Producer: La Bottega del Trippaio
  • Ingredients: Gastronomic product made of pre-cooked bovine tripe, tomato pulp, extra virgin olive oil, celery, carrot, onion, double tomato concentrate, salt, white wine, parsley, black pepper, chilli powder, aromas
  • Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions
  • Shelf-life: 36 months from the date of production

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Tuscany, Scandicci

Having a meal made of genuine specialties of the Florentine cuisine. Franco Falli - Owner

Typical Tuscan cuisine based on first choice raw materials, naturally worked and only of Italian origin, together with quality, innovation and tradition. In 1985 brothers Franco and Marco Falli, little more than boys but already involved in the field by their father Carlo Alberto, took over a beef processing business: this is how the company started up in Scandicci, at the gates of Florence.

Fra.Ma becomes quickly leader in its field at a regional level thanks to the excellent product’s quality and the modern packaging technology, sold under the brand La Bottega del Trippaio.