Tuscany, Radda in Chianti

Toscany Region
"Making wine is a special activity. In order to produce the best possible wine, it is fundamental to mature a long experience about harvests." Roberto Paladin - Owner


On the highest hills of Radda in Chianti we grow our vines in vineyards with evocative names: Maggio (May), Poggione, Madonnino, Giardino (Garden), Ciliegio (Cherry Tree), Colle Petroso (Rocky Hill)… Here, in centuries, man and nature have selected the best clones, adapted to the terroir, to produce today Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Great Selection of great substance and maximum typicality.

The vines are very old, made of thick and gnarled plants, climbing arduous and stony soils, which produce few bunches, but giving true nectar. These prized wines mature in the shade of the millennial Castelvecchi canteen, a fortress founded around 1043 on a site much older, even dating to the Roman era. The magic and the poetry of these wines that are mainly, if not solely, obtained from Sangiovese grapes, are guaranteed by the story of the Fattoria.

Carlo, Lucia and Roberto, assisted by a staff of experts, pursue the highest quality with passion and dedication . Among the great, ancient barrels, you can breathe the scent of passing time and aging wine; pure pleasure for very very lucky palates. The vineyards of the Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi in Chianti are a true Heritage of Italian viticulture, such as the cellars and the castle. Almost all the vines are over 50 years; the remaining come from selections made within the oldest vineyards that are patiently replicated. The hearts-shaped vineyard that opens magically in front of the cellar is really the heart of the whole estate, obtained by clonal selection carried out controlling the vineyards plant by plant. This very special vineyard enchants the eyes and give uniqueness to the taste of our Chianti with its unique grapes.

The desire to obtain the best from the centuries-old clones of Sangiovese that has always been cultivated on these hills characterizes every choice of our viticulture: the aim is making the most out of the concept of territoriality. In each of the vineyards the union of human wisdom and natural selection over time have given rise to Sangiovese clones with unique and inimitable features, and so unique are the wines that come from them. The approach “plant to plant,” plant by plant, is – by our productive approach – the only key to interpret the vines as individuals who, in such a long life, are developing very different characteristics and needs. During the seasons, all farming operations are conducted with great precision, up to the crucial moment of the harvest, a work of great patience and attention, when the vines are full of life and vivid colors. The smell of must lingers everywhere and everyone is in ferment: these are the days that crown a year of meticulous, careful, hard work in the vineyards. The training of the oldest vines and the configuration of the hills, with slopes sometimes very noteworthy, require a totally manual harvesting, operated by highly skilled hands.


Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi Enologists and technicians apply at local level the most advanced research conducted by Casa Paladin. An important project of protection and wine reconstitution has been started, recovering the priceless genetic heritage of the old Vineyard called "Le Madri", to return to the territory and to wine, from its roots, an irreproducible originality.

The project is born from the entrepreneurial mission to give value to the centuries-old Sangiovese clones, always grown on these hills, with infinite notes that vary in reduced areas of land. "Le Madri " and "Il Madonnino" constitute a real heritage for Italian wine and, together with the cellar and the castle, one of the three focal points of Castelvecchi ecosystem. These vineyards grow to a height of 600 meters, they are characterized by a plant to plant approach, where every plant takes a woman's name. "Le Madri" are, moreover, an extraordinary nursery for the history of these vineyards placed in the heart of the Chianti Classico: from "le Madri" the gems were picked and these created Castelvecchi’s new vines, a memory that regenerates, to ensure the continuity and its future.