Veneto, Verona

Veneto Region
"The bakery tradition expressed by means of high quality ingredients and manual labour imprinted in the hands of a family." Laura Perbellini - Owner


The Perbellini bakery story starts 130 years ago since when, in 1891, Giovanni Battista Perbellini writes the first page of his recipe book ‘Pasta Lievitata’ (yeast dough). One of the recipes is his own version of ‘Nadalin’ an ancient and traditional Veronese cake. He calls his version the Offella d’Oro®, which he sold from his shop in a small town near Verona in Italy’s Veneto.

The 1950s see another milestone in Perbellini bakery's story with the creation of the ‘Milliefoglie Strachin’. Created by Ernesto Perbellini the son of Giovanni Battista, Milliefoglie Strachin combines layers of sweet puff pastry with a cream and amaretto biscuit crumb filling. The exact recipe for the cream filling remains a secret to this days. Today, the pasticceria is owned and managed by Ernesto’s sons: Giovanni Battista and Flavio who share the same passion for traditional methods of hand-making Italian dolci handed down through the family for five generations.


Perbellini’s bakery is nowadays renowed all over Italy for its wide production of fresh pastry, puff pastry, sourdough pastry, biscuits and praline production.