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    Malandrone 1477


    Emilia Romagna, Pavullo

    Emilia Romagna Region
    "Parmigiano Reggiano is an essential product in the Italian cuisine. Our seasonings, of at least 24 months, represent our pleasure in waiting to obtain a quality Parmesan cheese with a wide aromatic profile." Giovanni Minelli - Owner


    For over 100 years, Malandrone 1477 has been producing Parmigiano - Reggiano Export in the mountains of Pavullo nel Frignano. In the 2000s, Giovanni Minelli began to age its Parmigiano Reggiano going beyond the average aging periods of 18-24 months and reaching the currently period of 120 months (extremely rare) after years of experimenting. He discovered pleasant and intriguing flavours and aromas, previously unknown to him. The different types of aging preserve balanced and intense aromas, never spicy.

    Today Malandrone 1477 is recognized among the best producers of Parmigiano - Reggiano, proposing unique aged cheeses with rare complexity, intensity, and balance.


    Parmigiano-Reggiano Malandrone 1477 is called cru, made in a small area in the mountains of Frignano over 700 meters above sea level. In this small area, about 6km wide, the company obtains all the fodder from meadows of wild herbs, which transfer intense and particular flavours to their cheese. All cows are born and grown in our factory, raised in loose housing or grazing in the summertime. Thanks to the attention we pay to the welfare of our animals, we have cows over 10 years old still in production.

    To enhance the aromas of our Parmigiano, during the manufacturing at the cheese factory the milk is not cooled and it is used a fair amount of fat and proteins (many cheese factories use an unbalanced amount of fats to get a higher quantity of product at the expense of aromatic quality), a low level of rennet and whey. The storage temperature (13-15°C in winter and 16-18°C in summer) allows a constant and slow fermentation of the cheese, essential to enhance and transform the aromas. To have a Parmigiano-Reggiano Export Malandrone 1477 with a perfectly ripening, we begin to sell our cheese with a minimum aging period of 26 months up to more than 120 months.