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    La Perla di Torino


    Piedmont, Turin

    Piedmont Region
    "Our mission? To bring the mastery of Turinese chocolatiers over the world " Sergio Arzilli - Owner


    La Perla di Torino is a modern, vibrant and dynamic company specialised in the production of chocolate truffles, regional product of excellence in Piedmont, spreads and chocolate bars and at the same time an artisanal laboratory with an eye for tradition as well as new and innovative products.

    Now as then, the success of La Perla di Torino is based on: first-class selected ingredients, dedication in creating the finest recipes with an eye for tradition, care in the packaging, attention to detail all-encompassing continuous strive for innovation.


    La Perla di Torino originated from the experience of Sergio Arzilli. Working as a pastry chef in the family’s patisserie, he discovered in cocoa the perfect material to breathe life into his creations and in 1992 decided to fully dedicate himself to the activity of master chocolatier.

    To mark the 25th anniversary of La Perla Nera, the first chocolate truffle created by the founder Sergio Arzilli, La Perla di Torino opens its new production site. The premises have been completely refurbished using the most advanced green technologies and materials. The production site layout was optimised to comply with the strictest standards and norms as Global Standard BRC . This new momentum has allowed La Perla di Torino to show its true self: not only a reality infused in the social context of its city, but also a sensitive and responsible firm towards environmental issues, paving the way to a new business model.